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IPWR Smith Jr, IUSFPR Bryan- Circulation, 2001 - pdfs.semanticscholar.org
Published in Circulation, Volume 104, Issue 13, 2001, pages 1577-1579. Smith, Jr., SC,
Blair, SN, Bonow, RO, Brass, LM, Cerqueira, MD, Dracup, K.,... Taubert, KA (2001).
AHA/ACC guidelines for preventing heart attack and death in patients with atherosclerotic…

[CITATION][C] Suetonius: the scholar and his Caesars

A Wallace-Hadrill - 1983 - Duckworth London

[BOOK][B] The American Scholar

RW Emerson - 1901 - books.google.com
I greet you on the re-commencement of our literary year. Our anniversary is one of hope,
and, perhaps, not enough of labor. We do not meet for games of strength or skill, for the
recitation of histories, tragedies, and odes, like the ancient Greeks; for parliaments of love…

The fluid mechanics of microdevices—the Freeman scholar lecture

M Gad-el-Hak- Journal of Fluids Engineering, 1999 - ….asmedigitalcollection.asme.org
Manufacturing processes that can create extremely small machines have been devel- oped in
recent years. Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) refer to devices that have characteristic
length of less than 1 mm but more than 1 micron, that combine electrical and mechanical components…

Google Scholar: the pros and the cons

P Jacs- Online information review, 2005 - emeraldinsight.com
Purpose–To identify the pros and the cons of Google Scholar. Design/methodology/
approach–Chronicles the recent history of the Google Scholar search engine from its
inception in November 2004 and critiques it with regard to its merits and demerits. Findings…

Comparison of PubMed, Scopus, web of science, and Google scholar: strengths and weaknesses

ME Falagas, EI Pitsouni, GA Malietzis, G Pappas- The FASEB journal, 2008 - fasebj.org
The evolution of the electronic age has led to the development of numerous medical
databases on the World Wide Web, offering search facilities on a particular subject and the
ability to perform citation analysis. We compared the content coverage and practical utility of…

Imperial Scholar: Reflections on a Review of Civil Rights Literature

R Delgado- U. Pa. L. Rev., 1983 - HeinOnline
When I began teaching law in the mid-1970's, I was told by a number of well-meaning senior
colleagues to" play things straight" in my scholarship-to establish a reputation as a scholar in
some mainstream legal area and not get too caught up in civil rights or other" ethnic"…

Google scholar revisited

P Jacs- Online information review, 2008 - emeraldinsight.com
Purpose–The purpose of this paper is to revisit Google Scholar. Design/methodology/
approach–This paper discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Google Scholar. Findings–
The Google Books project has given a massive and valuable boost to the already rich and…

Which h-index?—A comparison of WoS, Scopus and Google Scholar

J Bar-Ilan- Scientometrics, 2008 - Springer
This paper compares the h-indices of a list of highly-cited Israeli researchers based on
citations counts retrieved from the Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar respectively.
In several case the results obtained through Google Scholar are considerably different from…

Google Scholar as a new source for citation analysis

AWK Harzing, R Van der Wal- Ethics in science and environmental…, 2008 - int-res.com
Traditionally, the most commonly used source of bibliometric data is Thomson ISI Web of
Knowledge, in particular the Web of Science and the Journal Citation Reports (JCR), which
provide the yearly Journal Impact Factors (JIF). This paper presents an alternative source of…